Winter Riding

I live in the high mountain desert where winter reigns for 3-4 months every year and where we often have the distinction of being the coldest spot in the lower 48. I used to get a bit grumpy about the cold weather but I still went out riding…. grudgingly. I’ve since learned to enjoy winter […]

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Knollfest: Riding in British Columbia with the Knolly gang.

It started as a whisper. A suggestion. Then a nudging. Then RDHfreethought stepped up to the plate and took the lead for the PNW edition of the Knollfest. I think the numbers were fewer than the last Phoenix Knollfest, but a whole 9-10 days commitment is a lot to take on. A lot of folks […]

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Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival 2014

Southern Utah has long been one of my favorite places…. even before I took up mountain biking. When I discovered how well soft knobbied tires work on that grippy red rock I was forever hooked on Southern Utah trails. I’ve ridden in St. George and the mesas adjacent to Zion National Park now for many […]

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